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PyPI GitHub commit activity GitHub last commit PyPI - Status

Quick Start

Install geyser and geyser-lava

pip install geyser geyser-lava

Execute :

geyser -d hello/hello.yaml

Geyser will display the following messages when installed successfully :

(2021-09-30 09:52:51,010)[DEBUG][2328932][140688370164544][geyser_lava.task.hello.Hello]: Hello, level debug.
(2021-09-30 09:52:51,010)[INFO][2328932][140688370164544][geyser_lava.task.hello.Hello]: Hello, level info.
(2021-09-30 09:52:51,010)[WARNING][2328932][140688370164544][geyser_lava.task.hello.Hello]: Hello, level warning
(2021-09-30 09:52:51,010)[ERROR][2328932][140688370164544][geyser_lava.task.hello.Hello]: Hello, level error.
(2021-09-30 09:52:51,010)[CRITICAL][2328932][140688370164544][geyser_lava.task.hello.Hello]: Hello, level critical.

Core Install

You can only install geyser to support your own tasks :

pip install geyser

Extra Install

Support PyTorch

According to the installation of PyTorch to install pytorch, torchvision and torchaudio. pytorch-ignite is also needed with the installation in PyTorch Ignite.

When successfully installed, you can train a ResNet-50 model on CIFAR10 dataset:

geyser torch/train_resnet_cifar10.yaml